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* Sections from Site-On-a-Page are converted to individual pages

** Free hosting time is not cumultaive.

Basic Add-Ons

In case your business requires additional features for your website we have these standard Add-Ons available. Any features you do not see listed, please ask us and we can say whether we can do it and the cost and time frame for those features to be added to your business website.

Additional Page $200

When you need more pages than are provided this option provides an additional page integrated into your professional business website.

1-3 Additional Items $250 / $350

When you have more items that do not fit within the standard limit for the package this option provides for those items. Each item is integrated into the Catalog or Shop. The first price is for adding the items to a Catalog site. The second price is for adding the items to a Shop site.

1-3 Additional Categories $250

When you need additional categories for your website this option provides for those categories.  Each category is integrated into your professional business site, either Catalog or Shop.

Advanced Add-Ons

Sometimes your company grows to the point that you need something more than what is standard for the size you used to be. That is good news! Who does not want their business to grow? To grow, though, you need to be ready to invest in the tools used at your new level of business. That is where U.S. Business Design’s Advanced Add-Ons come in.

SEO (custom pricing)

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is a combination of Science and Art that raises your rankings in search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. When you rank higher you have a higher chance of people clicking on your page. This means more traffic to your site. You do not have to run any kind of ads to acquire this traffic. You just need to keep your site’s SEO competitive. While you have a professional like U.S. Business Design managing your SEO, your competitors have their own SEO experts. Today SEO should be counted as a regular business expense. The rational for SEO is the traffic and branding that occur. For even when a person has not clicked through to your site, they have seen your listing and its excerpt. This influences their thoughts and feelings about your company. It goes to reputation and branding.

CRM for Sales $800

A CRM is a program running on the same server as your website that allows you to track leads, prospects, opportunities, and clients. All of your sales and marketing professionals have their own login credentials. When a person is contacted, the sales agent who contacted them creates a record of the contact and makes brief notes. Every person with a login has their own dashboard, which makes it easy to see data from the CRM to help them to know what they must do next. They can see the most lucrative outstanding opportunity they have with potential clients or the most / least contacted lead, etc… The CRM becomes the brains of your Sales & Marketing operations and increases the close rate in your Sales department. [Customization available on request.]

Marketing Automation $1800

Marketing automation extends your capabilities as a business interacting with visitors to your website. It is a program that sites on your website and keeps track of IP addresses and actions each one takes as the user interacts with your content. We can set up certain triggers and events that result in specific actions. For example, if you have a sign-up form for some PDF the visitor can download, the marketing automation can use the Submit button as the trigger for the sign-up event. This can result in their information being added to the CRM and a sales agent being automatically assigned and sent a notification to contact the lead. We can even tell the sales agent which template to use for the contact. If we want to also automate a response email to the sign-up, that is also polite action to take and increases trust.

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