Prepare for Your Business Website

Here are ways you can prepare your company for your business website before it is finished.

Optimize Your Website for Your Business

We are providing you with three tasks that will orient you toward optimizing your business for your website. If you do these three things, then your website will function better for your business and your business goals than if you do nothing and wait. Let us work together on your success!

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Gather Your Collaterals

In marketing, collaterals are marketing materials. Anything you have created and used before for marketing efforts should be gathered and delivered to us as soon as possible. We need only one sample of each. Items may include, but are not limited to, business cards, flyers, brochures, print ads, digital ads, banners, logos, and newletters. By doing this in advance we may be able to unify your branding. When your branding is in synch, your customers trust you more than if it were not. Help us help you.

Unify Your Branding

Most Efficient Client?

You should not chase after every client who will buy from you. Some are worth more of your time than others and it is not based primarily on profits. You want to ask yourself, “Who is the ideal client for my business?” But what do you mean by ideal? Professionals in marketing cannot answer this question adequately, but our CEO has used his analyst skills acquired in the U.S. Army combined with his business experience to sort it out. The most efficient client (term created by our CEO) is identified by three equally important factors:

  •  spend the most money
  • requires the least work by you (even customer service)
  • is the happiest

So this takes some thinking to figure out which of your past clients best meet these requirements. When you have identified them, then you need to describe them in terms of demographics and your marketing efforts must tareget primarily this group of people.

Choose the Best Clients

Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) is the bridge to your business goals. A Call to Action is a way to get your visitor to do something you want them to do. You can place on a page a button that says, “Download Free Guide!” It is clear to both you and the visitor what you want them to do and what you will give them in exchange. These are the best CTA’s. Think about each page or section of your website and consider what CTA’s you want to put there. The better you can plan your CTA’s in advance, the clearer your sales funnel and the more efficiently your website will be used by your business to convert visitors to clients. 

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Quick Cards

Gather Collaterals

  • business cards
  • flyers, brochures
  • print ads
  • digital ads
  • banners
  • logos
  • newsletters

Unify Your Branding

Most Efficient Client

  • spend the most money
  • requires the least work by you (even customer service)
  • is the happiest

Choose the Best Client

Call to Action

  • Think about each page or section
  • Plan what CTA’s you want to put there
  • Prepare the necessary rewards

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